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Custom WordPress Themes & Design

WordPress is an amazing, free, open-source content management software that allows small businesses and bloggers to create their own dynamic websites online with little or no formal training. While not overly complicated in its basic form, creating a custom WordPress design that accurately portrays a brand’s story, drives traffic, and grows a business can be a daunting task for any small business owner.

One-Two Punch – Custom WordPress Themes

A Custom WordPress theme from tzo creative creates a one-two combo that effectively overcomes your competition and turns your website into a money making machine. Websites powered by WordPress have an admin panel that allows you to update your content without the need for further web development or coding experience. Partnering with tzo creative gives you the look, feel, and professionalism to set your business apart.

WordPress Capabilities

  • Easy Content Updates
  • Custom Quote Forms
  • Open-Source Plugins
  • Company Blogs
  • Photo and/or Video Galleries
  • Newsletter Sign-Up Forms
  • Social Media Sharing

Custom WordPress Websites

  • eCommerce and Shopping
  • Realtor
  • Photographer
  • Restaurant
  • Contractor
  • Blogger
  • Car, Boat or RV Dealership
custom wordpress websites and web design in Bozeman MT

New Custom WordPress Website from tzo creative

While WordPress can be a useful tool on its own, partnering with tzo creative gives you the best of both worlds. Not only will your company receive a custom WordPress design specific to your brand and identity as well as access to a professional organization with years of real word Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web design experience but also the ability to update your own content without the extra cost of further programming.

Don’t have time to update your own content? A custom WordPress theme still may be your best option. With a custom WordPress website, tzo creative can partner with you to provide regular new content at a low cost and minimal time commitment. As you grow and add more staff, your team can slowly take over the bulk of the content management with our professional guidance.

Upgrade Your Current WordPress Site with a Custom Design

Already have a WordPress site? Work with tzo creative to upgrade your site to a modern, responsive, custom design, without losing content or search engine ranking. After your custom WordPress site is coded, tzo creative update all of your content to the new design. While we’re at it, tzo creative can optimize your content for better search engine rankings and social media sharing.

Add a Custom WordPress blog to your Current Site

Need a place to share the dates of upcoming sales, shows, or events? Want to share a new idea with the world? Need a blog that matches the look and feel of your current site? By partnering with tzo creative, we can work together to create a blog that is an extension of your current website. Matching design, fonts, logos, and images can all be incorporated into your new blog to provide continuity between your homepage and blog.

Custom WordPress Themes & Web Design in Bozeman, MT


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